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We help

 Business Owners & Entrepreneurs 

to elevate themselves.

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 Does your  business  own your future? 

It's time to reclaim it for  yourself. 

As business owners ourselves, we know that sometimes, it can feel like your business owns you. Real financial planning can help you to build a plan for your future and take back control of your life.

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Feeling confused over your future

Without a clear plan in place, it can feel confusing when thinking about your future and how you will achieve your goals & objectives.

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Uncertain over how much is enough

One of the biggest questions in life is 'will I be OK?'. Without guidance, this question can go unanswered and you can make huge financial mistakes.

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Stressed about your business

Although pressure is natural, you feel like things are getting out of control and are becoming increasingly complicated. 

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Frustrated by financial jargon

Talking and thinking about money can be extremely confusing, with so much jargon and difficult terminology to get used to.

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Feeling left behind with your finances

You may be looking at others and thinking that they are doing better than you or they have got it all 'figured out' - and you haven't.

You deserve to feel  confident 

that your business elevates your desired lifestyle.

Welcome to a  new way  of doing things.

At Start Financial Planning, we're here to transform your situation and give you the confidence to live the rest of your life on track to financial freedom.

A clear plan in place that gives you confidence in the future.

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Clarity over how much you need to live the lifestyle you desire.

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Control over your finances and your business so they work for you.

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What you get:


A personal plan to put you on the journey towards financial freedom.

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Any concerns fully stress-tested using state-of-the-art Cashflow Modelling

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A financial freedom strategy that is tailored to you and your family

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Being educated on your finances and investments

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A dedicated team on call to support you on your journey 

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Removal of administrational burden 

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Minimising income taxes and being on top of your inheritance tax

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Support through all of life's surprises

and, most importantly...

 doing more of what you love. 

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Watch how we help with Estate Planning...

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...and Retirement Planning too!

 What we will do: 

 What we won't do: 

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Deliver pain-free financial planning

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Offer sound support for you and your business

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Help you sleep better at night and give you reassurance.

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Push products that you don't need or want

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Bamboozle you with jargon

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Leave you in the dark about your finances.

What our  clients  say about us...

 Book a call 

We would love to hear from you and get you started on your journey towards financial freedom.

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Hi, I'm Dave

I'm the Head of Client Servicing here at Sound and it is my pleasure to get our clients started on their financial planning journey.

You can book a free, no obligation Discovery Call with me below:

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