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We help

 Successful & Ambitious Individuals 

live the life that they deserve.

 We know 

That you want to lock-in and achieve your desired lifestyle and be confident that your finances are helping you on your journey throughout life.

 We believe 

You deserve to feel confident in the knowledge that you are en-route to achieving financial freedom.

 That's why 

We provide you with a robust financial plan (Personal Plan or Personal Plan Plus+) to help navigate you through to financial freedom and then work with you on an ongoing basis (Sound for Life and Sound for Life Plus+) to ensure you stay on track.

A Sound Financial Plan turns this...

MOre time working.png

You may spend more time working than is necessary

Untitled design (36).png

Your spouse or partner may be left financially insecure

Untitled design (37).png

You're confused by the amount of tax you pay and how to use allowances

Untitled design (38).png

Your family may not be protected in the case of something happening

Untitled design (39).png

You may not be able to live out your dreams

into this...


Being on the journey towards financial freedom with a personal plan

Untitled design (43).png

Any concerns fully stress-tested using state-of-the-art Cashflow Modelling

Untitled design (40).png

A financial freedom strategy that is tailored to you and your family

Untitled design (41).png

Having a dedicated team on call to support you on your journey 

Untitled design (44).png

Being educated on your finances and investments

Untitled design (45).png

Removal of administrational burden 

Untitled design (42).png

Minimising income taxes and being on top of your inheritance tax

Untitled design (46).png

Support through all of life's surprises

and, most importantly...

 doing more of what you love. 

Playfair Display (3).png

Watch how we help with Estate Planning...

Playfair Display (5).png

...and Retirement Planning too!

 What we will do: 

 What we won't do: 

Untitled design (47).png

Ensure that you are financially well-organised

Untitled design (47).png

Ensure that you can manage your investment risk 

Untitled design (47).png

Ensure that you will never run out of money

Untitled design (48).png

Only be in touch with you once every three years

Untitled design (48).png

Simply focus on your investments rather than your life

Untitled design (48).png

Give you the plan and leave you to it

What our clients say about us...


"They will walk you through the process and give you the best options to choose from, still leaving you in control of your own money."

 Chris & Wendy 

"We now have complete confidence that our financial affairs are in safe hands."


"I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone, so if you are looking for someone to trust with your future, you should contact Paul and team before doing anything"

 Book a call 

We would love to hear from you and get you started on your journey towards financial freedom.

(04) Anna.jpg

Hi, I'm Anna 

I'm the Practice Manager here at Sound and it is my pleasure to get our clients started on their financial planning journey.

You can book a free, no obligation Discovery Call with me below:

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