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 Frequently Asked Questions 

 Why should I choose Sound Financial? 

 How do I know that I can trust you? 

During our 23 years of business, we have built our reputation by our fresh thinking approach to Financial Planning. With individuals and families trusting us with their financial planning and our independent status, we can deliver a specialised and personalised service, ensuring you remain at the heart of what we do.

We’re an FCA regulated business, with chartered financial planner status who have long been ahead of the curve with Lifestyle Financial Planning and cashflow management software.

Our longstanding commitment to ensuring our clients receive the best support, guidance and education in their journey to financial freedom not only shows that we are financial planning (and retirement planning) experts, but we’re also all-round nice people. We’re a Financial Planning firm with a pop of personality to compliment our professionalism. We’re driven by our Core Values and improving the industry standards nationwide, not just on our own doorstep.

Our fees are transparent, so you always know exactly what you are paying for and we steer away from the hard sell, that’s why your Discovery Meeting is on us!

What are your core values?

The secret of our success is that our Core Values are the heart and soul of Sound Financial, our team are hand selected and have undergone a vigorous recruitment process to have the opportunity to support you. Not only that, but all business relationships and third parties we work with have all been subject to a comprehensive due diligence process.

We believe in:


By passionately seeking create ways to solve client and business problems.


Proactive in striving to achieve excellence in all client and business relationships.


Being positive and respectful in believing that teamwork is the best way to work.


Proudly act transparently and with integrity in all that we do, taking responsibility for our actions.

 What are your fees? 

We will discuss your payment options with you and answer any questions you have. We will not charge you anything until you have agreed on how we are to be paid. We will set out our charges separately and we will tell you if you must pay VAT when you engage us. The Initial Proposal Document and these Terms will together form your contractual relationship with us.

Our charging structure is flexible, to best suit the work you have asked us to carry out. It is not possible to set out the many and various circumstances and services that may attach to different charging structures here, but we will agree that specifically with you, in writing, before we start work. 

Our initial fixed fee basis is:

 Personal Plan = £2,870 + VAT

 Personal Plan Plus = £3,870 + VAT

Further rates can be found in Section 7 of our Terms of Business.

 Why do you charge so much? 

Traditionally, financial advisers don’t charge fees. Instead, they rely on selling your products to get paid, and often they are also restricted within the marketplace. We’ve been flipping this traditional advice model on its head since 1998, charging a set fee for either a Personal Plan or Personal Plan Plus+. The fees represent the time spent and expertise of our team, to craft your plan, review every aspect of your position and research strategies to assist your long terms aims and objectives. Not relying on products allows us to tailor this plan to your needs, not ours.

Often, our fees are offset by a reduction in ongoing investment fees, smart tax planning or identifying trouble areas in your existing financial provisions!

You are paying for complete clarity about your financial position and receive not only peace of mind. But also, a strong strategic direction for your future.

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