Wild Living

If you had the time and the money where would you go?

Our clients found themselves at their retirement with too much money. A nice problem to have, eh?

So together with Andy they established their “Wild Living Fund” to enable them to kick start their retirement with an adventure and plan many more.

We received the above postcard yesterday from their travels all the way from South Africa where they are fulfilling their dream of seeing “The Big Five“. Pretty wild, wouldn’t you say?

Financial Advisers unfortunately have a stigma, a bad rep and we can understand why. But when the trust is built, the confidence is present and the education is vast; the possibilities really are endless.

Nothing pleases us more than seeing our clients live out their lives to their fullest, achieving their dreams and conquering their ambitions.

And remembering those famous words of Rocky Balboa “The world ain’t always sunshine and rainbows” we can’t help but think with the right help and forward planning, it should be.