Spilling the tea…

Spilling the tea…

Urban Dictionary’s definition for spilling the tea: “when one tells an especially juicy bit of gossip”, so with that being said here’s what it’s like a newbie at Sound!


I joined Sound in July 2019 and found that the recruitment process is a little different to what I expected, but in a good way.  My first initial contact with Sound was via telephone, this helped us both decide if I was the right fit and if this was the job for me. This led to a face to face interview and following my second interview I was able to meet the team. I felt this was a nice factor as it allowed me to speak with some of the people I would soon be working alongside. After receiving the offer and formally accepting, I was invited to their team day at The Crystal Maze in London. It was lovely to spend the day with my new team, this helped me to relax and feel ready and eager to start my first day.


Since joining the team, the onboarding process has been fantastic, I have regular check ins where I am able to create plans to help me continue moving forward, express any concerns, together with receiving feedback, help and advice.


Receptionists are considered to be the first point of call in a company. One of my duties I have loved from the start of my journey with Sound is meeting and greeting, being able to get to know our clients and having a hands-on approach.  Some views and treatment of receptionists can be disheartening, however at Sound my role is viewed equally to other positions within the office and it’s refreshing to be considered as more than “just a receptionist”.


My role includes the usual receptionist duties, in addition to this I assist others in the office when needed and have taken on various projects and tasks since joining. This has given me exposure to more areas of the business like accounting, compliance, business processes and even marketing in writing this blog! Taking on projects and tasks outside of your knowledge and comfort zone can be nerve-racking, although with support from the team this has been a smooth process and I’ve surprised myself along the way.  Collaboration is one of our four core values at Sound believing teamwork is the best way to work, so naturally support is always given and the team are always there to lend a hand if it’s needed!


What are Sound great at? Firstly, I have always loved is their approach and views on clients, it’s lovely working for a company that always put their client’s first.  Secondly, honesty. Sound prides themselves in being transparent, it’s reassuring to know where you stand and being kept in the loop on matters, it makes me feel like a valued member of the team.


Anyway, enough of all of that. I guess I should get back to “just” making the tea, not spilling it!



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