Part of the Furniture…


This is David’s “Part of the Furniture” feature, where we will delve into his life here at Sound! So, let us begin..

Anna: David, how long have you been working at Sound?

David: I have worked at Sound for 15 years now, in October it will be 16.

Anna: Can you tell us more about your current role and how it has developed over the years?

*Paused for laughter as Anna’s cat walks across the screen*

David: My current role is Head of Client Servicing and over the 16 years my role has changed a lot. I started out as a Junior Paraplanner moving to a Paraplanner, then Senior Paraplanner. I then became the Practice Manager, next an Associate Director and my role previously was Managing Director.

Anna: So, it’s safe to say that you’ve been around the block!

David: Yeah! I think I have pretty much done every role in the office!

Anna: And do you think you have come a long way since dipping your tie in someone’s tea?

*More laughter*

David:  Yeah, I believe so.

Anna: How early on in your career was that?

David: Probably about 4 years in, I knew the client well, so I think that helped but it was really embarrassing.

Anna: Would you say that it is your most embarrassing moment?

David: Yes, either that or knocking over the tea tray on to someone’s handbag.

Anna: Is this why you’ve been demoted from tea duties?

David: Probably! Luckily, I built a good relationship with the clients and they were both absolutely fine with what had happened. The incident with my tie, the client actually still drunk the tea. Although it was still embarrassing.

Anna: What would you say you like most about working at Sound?

David: I like working with the team. We have a great team, great clients, great relationships, the core values of the company and looking after the clients giving the best care we can in everything we do.

Anna: What is it like to be “part of the furniture”?

David: I am quite proud of it. My dad always said when I started work that you should try to stay at a company for as long as you can and show loyalty, I always laughed it off because I thought there is no loyalty in business. After a couple of years, you move on, but with Sound I found a home and I cannot see myself working for any other company.

Anna: That is really lovely. How did you celebrate your 15-year anniversary?

David: Eating chocolate! It was nice I was completely shocked when I came into the office and it was full of balloons and banners, I really wasn’t expecting anything and to get the gift of a spa  weekend was fantastic. But on the actual day, I think I mainly ate cake and chocolate.

Anna: What changes have you seen to Sound over the last 16 years?

David: Sound has changed massively. When I first joined the company in 2004 they were just starting their journey in financial, going from a traditional IFA to a financial planning firm and that was something that really attracted me to the company.

Looking back at where we were and where we are now we are just in a different league. The team has changed for the better, we are working with fantastic clients. It really is a completely different company.

Anna: What do you love about your job?

David: There are so many things I love about my job, the client interaction, trying to make a difference and giving the client the best service that I could possibly give and being part of the team.

Anna: What do you think are the secrets behind getting to where you are now?

David: Passion. Everything I do is with passion and I think if you haven’t got passion you’re in the wrong job. No matter what task I undertake I try to give it my all. I think that is key, we spend so many hours working and I believe that if you don’t enjoy your job, move on.

Anna: I’m feeling pretty inspired!

*Anna’s cat made another appearance*

Anna: What three words would use best to describe Sound?

David: Caring. Forward thinking. Market leader.

Anna: What advice would you give to someone who was interested in joining our team?

David: You have got to be passionate about financial planning and passionate about client care. If they haven’t got passion for either of those, there is no point in applying for the role.

Anna: No B team players! That is all for the “proper” questions, we are going to do a quick-fire round, answering the questions as quickly as you can so everyone can get to know you a little bit better.

Little did we know, Dave was not very quick at answering the questions

Anna: Favourite sport?

David: Football.

Anna: Favourite food?

David: Chocolate.

Anna: Favourite programme?

David: Sport.

Anna: Favourite colour?

David: Blue.

Anna: Favourite season?

David: Summer.

Anna: Favourite animal?

David: Dog.

Anna: Favourite month?

David: August. My birthday.

Anna: Favourite drink?

David: Tea.

Anna: Favourite number?

David: 8.

Anna: Favourite team number?

*With no hesitation*

David: Anna.

We bet you would like to be a fly on the wall at our next Team Meeting!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for his ongoing hard work, dedication and unwavering passion for the business!

*We can confirm no cats were harmed in the making of this blog!

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The Sound Team