Organise your affairs

A workaholic by nature, I came to the realisation in my 50’s that it wouldn’t be possible for me to work for my entire life. I needed to enjoy my life and embark on personal projects I had lined up. In order to do this, I required a Financial Plan for a better understanding of where I stand and how to finance my future lifestyle.

Over the years I had accumulated various policies and investments. Every time I tried to tackle my finances and get a better understanding of where everything was and how much I had, I became overwhelmed with the masses of paper work.

“After working long hours, and not having much time to review my finances, Sound helped me to regain control. I look forward to a future without being concerned about money. I can now make the most of my family life, with a strong plan to prepare for the future.”

I attended a tax planning seminar, run by Sound Financial Planning. I was hugely impressed with their professionalism and level of expertise. At no point during their presentation did they try to sell products, instead they displayed a clear understanding of the real challenges that people face.

Following the seminar, I attended a Discovery Meeting. From the outset it was clear Sound had an understanding of my needs and concerns. I was encouraged to think beyond today, to embrace my aspirations and dreams. They helped me to visualise living a retirement without money worries – while still providing an inheritance for my children.

Sound reviewed my existing holdings and were honest about my situation. I had a number of investments and had perceived them to be quite high in value.

Unfortunately, over the last few unsettling years, my shares had decreased in value substantially.

After several meetings we agreed my Financial Plan. They helped me to structure my affairs to provide the tax efficient income my family and I need, while investing in a way that would preserve the capital.

Sound Financial Planning has helped me to take control of my finances, putting a proper plan in place. I appreciate the regular communication and updates I receive, and I like knowing that if I have a query the team are only a phone call away.