Income in retirement

I was frustrated and stressed at work, and looking for a way out. Tired of the rat race, I wanted to enjoy my life, spend more time with my family, travelling to places I had dreamed of, investing more time sailing, playing golf and helping out at a local charity. I was concerned with how I could afford this lifestyle in retirement.

Over the past 30 years I had accumulated quite a substantial pension pot from previous work place pension schemes as well as my personal pension and investments. I needed a trusted adviser that could clarify my financial position and affordability of my desired lifestyle in retirement.

“Thanks to Sound Financial Planning my dreams of early retirement are now a reality. I am delighted with the exceptional level of service they provide me, not only have I made annual cost savings of £3,000, but I have received a reduction in income tax of 12% which more than covered the cost of their fees! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

I met with Sound Financial Planning. They took the time to understand my current situation and what was really important to me, as well as my concerns.

At the outset they evaluated my position and discussed exactly what I wanted from life. They prepared a Plan, and then consolidated my existing pension and non – pension investments to create a cohesive strategy. One that was appropriate for my attitude to risk and structured to achieve my retirement lifestyle goals.

My Financial Plan has been structured to provide the income I need, tax efficiently, while investing in a way that will preserve my capital. My Investment portfolios have been repositioned to match my risk profile, which has resulted in an annual saving of £3,000 in investment charges. My income is now taken at a sustainable level and my income tax liability has reduced.

I feel secure in the knowledge that retirement will be all that I had imagined it to be. Holidays and sailing are now affordable and I take great comfort in knowing these are factored into my personal cash flow. All of my plans are administrated under the one roof, and I cannot thank Sound Financial Planning enough for finally providing me with clarity across all of my financial affairs.